Introductory Homeschooling Seminars

Better Late than Early, or Early than Late – Diane Geerlinks

Conference 101– Anna Marsh

Developing Character Through Everyday Life – Lena Emo

Getting Started - Practical Tips for Newbies – Rebecca Corks

Homeschooling the Early Years –  Diane Geerlinks

Parenting Seminars

Building a Moral Compass in my Child – Kirk Durston

Facing and Welcoming Adversity – Ben Loveday M.D.

“No. I Can’t Do It.” The Anxious, Avoidant Child – Ben Loveday M.D.

Raising Leaders in a Mixed-Up World - The Home Education Advantage – Gerald Huebner

How Do I Deal With My Angry Child? - Karen Gaul

Charlotte Mason Seminars

10 Ways to Start (Or Beef Up!) your CM Homeschool– Elizabeth Millar

Architecture - A Record of Human History – Sandra Zuidema

Charlotte Mason - Re-educating Us As Teachers & Redefining Education – Heather Laakso & Sherrie Hesse


Methods of Homeschooling Seminars

Classical Education: What Dead Greeks Can Teach Us About Education Today? – Nicole Henry

Introduction to Advanced Placement Exams for Homeschoolers – Jon Zagaja

Life Learning: A Practical Look Into the Life of Unschooling – Bianca Azzoparde & Jen Thrall

The Primary Grades Without Curriculum – Emily Beilby

Worldview/Creation Seminars

Contemporary Issues in Gender Identity – Scott Stein

Defending a Singular Gospel in a Pluralistic Culture – Scott Stein

Noah's Flood - The Event that Reshaped the Earth – Richard Fangrad

Teaching Your Kids a Simple Framework for a Biblical Worldview – Scott Stein

What the Bible and Science say about the Age of the Earth – Richard Fangrad

Teen Seminars

Career Planning in a Changing World – Shelley Smilek

Preparing for Faith Challenges – Kirk Durston

The Amazing Things You Can Do – Jason Lindsay

Support Seminars

Goal Setting and Planning for Your Next School Year – Cori Dean

Journeying through High School – Lena Emo

Keeping Our Kids Safe in a Broken World – Lisa McColeman

Setting Boundaries – Why and How – Lisa Schiedel

The Battle for the Freedom to Choose Home Education – Gerald Huebner


Encouragement Seminars

Homeschool on the Rock – Robin Herman

If I Had It to Do Over Again, What Would I Change? – Donna Fawcett

Maintaining the Tension - Grace vs. Excellence – Anna Marsh

Subject Based Seminars

Bullet Journaling - Melanie Glassford & Sonya Sommerville

Drama: Easy How-to's and Why's – Sarah Hobbs

Fantasy and Heroism – Bryan Davis

How to Start a Story - Part 2 – Bryan Davis

How to Start a Story - Part 1 – Bryan Davis

Living Math – Cori Dean

Memory Pegs - Making History Stick – Tracy Lalonde

Teaching Logic and Critical Thinking Skills – Kirk Durston

The Power of Handwriting – Trix Bradley

You Don’t Need to be a Rocket Scientist to Homeschool One – Robin Herman

You Don’t Have to Like It – Bev Rempel

Learning Disability Seminars

A Mother and Son Look Back – Louise and Daniel House

ADHD: Disease, Normal Childhood or Something Else? – Mary-Lou Maclean

Home Schooling Your Struggling Learner through Highschool – Diane Geerlinks

Let's Talk - Q & A on Learning Difficulties – Pauline and Matthew Turton

Upstairs, Downstairs: The Whole-Brained Child  – MaryLou Maclean

 Seminars for Dads

Every Husband Can Be a Hero – Bryan Davis

Leader of the Pack – Henry de Roos

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