Introductory Homeschooling Seminars

Getting Started Road Map - Tammara Heaslip

Homeschooling the Early Years – Diane Geerlinks

Making Sense of Various Educations Styles and Curricula – Melanie Glassford & Sonya Sommerville

Parenting Seminars

Keeping Your Marriage Strong In Your Homeschooling Home – Henry & Kara DeRoos

Positive Pyschology – Philip Bruce

Practical Parenting Strategies for Children – Helga Edwards

Practical Parenting Strategies for Teens – Helga Edwards

Preparing for Take-Off – Ben Loveday

Understanding Child and Adolescent Development – Bob Edwards

Charlotte Mason Seminars

Charlotte Mason for Young Children – Elizabeth Millar

Dualism – Dr. Carroll Smith

Narration – Dr. Carroll Smith

Stories – Dr. Carroll Smith

The Child as a Person – Dr. Carroll Smith


Methods of Homeschooling Seminars

Executive Function - Air Traffic Control – Mary Lou Maclean

Fostering Our Children's Passions – Bianca Azzoparde

Homeschooling Highschool and Beyond – Bonnie Getty & Laurie Pruim

Large Family Treasure Hunt: Discovering Our Children – Ben and Bonnie Loveday

Shared Teaching – Melanie Glassford

Sustainable Homeschooling: How Effective and Viable Homeschooling for the Long Haul – Christine Gayfer

The Adventure of Homeschooling Through High School – Karen Bowman

Shared Teaching – Melanie Glassford

Truth - the Central Pillar of a Christian Education – Cori Dean

Worldview/Creation Seminars

A Christian Response to Gender Identity – Scott Stein

Basics of Biblical Evangelism – Cory McKenna

Evolution & Creation: A Reality Check – Kirk Durston

Founded on the Rock – Cory McKenna

Parenting in a "Hyper-Sexualized" Generation – Scott Stein

Q and A – Scott Stein

Scientific Evidence for Faith in Christ – Kirk Durston

Teaching Your Kids A Simple Framework for a Biblical Worldview – Scott Stein

Training Our Children to be Critical Thinkers in Science – Sue Wright

Teen Seminars

Anton Lim – Don't Forget to Bring This  with  You to College or University – Anton Lim

Helping High School Students Make SMART Decisions About Jobs and Careers – Brenda Tomini

Let’s Talk Tech– Bob Schiedel

Support Seminars

Getting it Together: Managing Family, Home and School – Cori Dean

How Do I Get Through One More Day? – Karen Gaul

Portfolios – Bonnie Getty & Laurie Pruim

Single Income Living in a Double Income Culture – Cori Dean

Updates and Policy Advice from HSLDA – Peter Stock

War and Peace with Technology – Gary Tomic

You are What You Eat! The Effects of Diet on Learning – Trix Bradley  

Encouragement Seminars

Looking Back to Help you Go Forward – Laurie Kenyon

Nurturing a Mom's Spirit – Christine Gayfer You’re Going to Want to Quit – Don’t! – Tracy Lalonde

Subject Based Seminars

Building a Solid Math Foundation – Beth  Reid

Building Up God's Temple - Fitness in the HS – Chris & Jennifer Timm

How to Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps – Bryan Rempel

Nature Study in Real Life – Lisa Schiedel

Teaching Logic and Critical Thinking Skills – Kirk Durston

Learning Disability Seminars

Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness – Mary Lou Maclean

Transforming Struggling Students into Lifelong Learners – Diane Geerlinks

Understanding the Sensory World Around Us – Andrea Gale

Why Homeschooling a Child with Unique Needs is a Great Choice – Diane Geerlinks

 Seminars for Dads

It Takes a Father: A Father's Unique Role in the Homeschool – David Marsh

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