How to Do a Conference with a Baby

Having to bring an infant to a conference makes the day more difficult, and we thought we would give some tips that have worked well for others in the past.  

Carry a waist pouch instead of a purse, and leave diaper bag with stroller in parking area. Pouch contents: $, credit card, driver's license, keys, spare soother, a pen and 2-3 sheets paper folded up - for note taking - just in case!, and receipts from purchases. Bring an empty backpack.

Write your name on a handful of small paper squares and add a paper clip to each. Keep these in your pouch. Ask vendors to hold your stack with your name on (paper prepared ahead of time to save time) until a given time when you'll be back to purchase them. Keep a paper or business card for each vendor who is holding something for you, including their location (near end/far end, left side/right side etc). That way you can be efficient with your decision-making time early in the day. At a point later in the day, wearing a backpack, make your rounds to pay for and collect your purchases. Ask a vendor or a passer-by to put your things in your backpack for you since your hands are full.

Take advantage of free shipping and order things to be shipped instead of having to carry them, just because it's more convenient for you this year! Receiving a parcel in the mail is much more fun for your children anyways!

Bring your husband and tag-team. Arrange a babysitter for your other children.


Bring along a babysitter for the day - for the cost of a teen registration + a babysitter's wage.


Realize/accept that this is a stage of life when you won't get the FULL benefit of the conference. You'll have to make the best of it, prioritize, improvise.


Decide this is the year to take a sabbatical!

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   We talked about doing a conference with a baby article on the website.

   We need to get that ready,  so please send me tips,  a whole article,  whatever.




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Due to insurance regulations, no children under 12 are allowed on the premises, except nursing infants.  This will be strictly enforced. Children born before March 29, 2003 are welcome to attend.

You are welcome to bring your nursing  infant, if the infant cannot be away from you for the day. Moms, there is a room reserved for nursing and changing your baby. Dads, we have a  separate room for you to change your baby in.  

Please remove crying, fussy or noisy babies from seminar rooms immediately.

Strollers permitted in hallways and classrooms, but NOT permitted in the Exhibit Hall.



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