Overview of Sessions

Seminars will be 70 minutes long, with most including a time for Q & A. You are not required to register for seminars ahead of time.

Seminars sessions will not be recorded.

2018 Overview of the Day

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Session 4


Making Sense of Various Education Styles and Curricula

Getting Started Road Map

Charlotte Mason for Young Children

Keeping Your Marriage Strong in your HSing Home: How and Why!


Transforming Struggling Students into Lifelong Learners

Why HSing a Child with Unique Needs is a Great Choice

Homeschooling the Early Years

Looking Back to Help You Go Forward


Nature Study in Real Life

How to Write an Essay in 7 Easy Steps

Building a Solid Math Foundation

Building Up "God's Temple"- Fitness in the Home School


Single Income Living in a Double Income Culture

Getting It Together: Managing Family, Home and School

Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness

Executive Function: Air Traffic Control


Understanding the Sensory World Around Us

It Takes a Father: A Father's Unique Role in the Homeschool

Sustainable Homeschooling: How to Build a Homeschool that is Effective and Viable for the Long Haul

The Adventure of Homeschooling Through High School


Basics of Biblical Evangelism

Founded on the Rock

Evolution and Creation: A Reality Check

Teaching Logic And Critical Thinking Skills


How Do I Get Through One More Day?

War and Peace with Technology


Updates and Policy Advice from HSLDA


Practical Parenting Strategies for Children

Understanding Child and Adolescent Development

Practical Parenting Strategies for Teens

Positive Psychology


Homeschooling High School and Beyond

Helping High School Students Make SMART Decisions about Jobs and Careers

Don't Forget to Bring This with You to College or University

Let’s Talk Tech

Dining Room

The  Child as a Person





You're Going to Want to Quit - Don't!

Training Our Children to be Critical Thinkers in Science

Shared Teaching

You Are What You Eat! The Effects of Diet on Learning


Fostering Our Children's Passions

Nurturing a Mom's Spirit

Large Family Treasure Hunt: Discovering Our Children

Preparing for Take-Off

Round Room

A Christian Response to Gender Identity

Parenting in a "Hyper-Sexualized" Generation

Teaching Your Kids A Simple Framework for a Biblical Worldview

Q and A with Scott Stein


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