Overview of Sessions

Seminars will be 70 minutes long, with most including a time for Q & A. You are not required to register for seminars ahead of time.

Seminars sessions will not be recorded.

2017 Overview of the Day

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Conference 101

Anna Marsh

Maintaining The Tension - Grace Vs. Excellence

Anna Marsh

Let's Talk - Q & A On Learning Difficulties

Matthew & Pauline Turton

If I Had To Do It Over Again, What Would I Change?

Donna Fawcett


Life Learning: A Practical Look Into The Life Of Unschooling

Bianca Azzoparde

Jen Thrall

Getting Started - Practical Tips For Newbies

Rebecca Corks

Classical Education: What Dead Greeks Can Teach Us About Education Today?

Nicole Henry

Introduction To Advanced Placement Exams For Homeschoolers

Jon Zagaja


A Mother And Son Look Back

Daniel & Louise House

Home Schooling Your Struggling Learner Through Highschool

Diane Geerlinks

Homeschooling The Early Years

Diane Geerlinks

Better Late Than Early Or Early Than Late

Diane Geerlinks


Teaching Your Kids A Simple Framework For A Biblical Worldview

Scott Stein

Defending A Singular Gospel In A Pluralistic World

Scott Stein

Leader Of The Pack

Henry de Roos

Contemporary Issues In Gender Identity

Scott Stein


The Battle For The Freedom To Choose Home Education

Gerald Huebner

Raising Leaders In A Mixed-up World - The Home Education Advantage

Gerald Huebner

You Don't Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Homeschool One

Robin Herman

Drama: Easy How-to's And Why's

Sarah Hobbs


Living Math

Cori Dean

Goal Setting And Planning Your Next School Year

Cori Dean

Memory Pegs For Learning – Making History Stick

Tracy Lalonde

The Amazing Things You Can Do

Jason Lindsay


Setting Boundaries – Why And How

Lisa Schiedel

What The Bible And Science Say About The Age Of The Earth

Richard Fangrad

How To Start A Story Part 1

Bryan Davis

How To Start A Story Part 2

Bryan Davis


You Don't Have To Like It

Bev Rempel

The Primary Years Without Curriculum

Emily Beilby

Journeying Through High School

Lena Emo

Developing Character Through Everyday Life

Lena Emo


Homeschool On The Rock

Robin Herman

The Power Of Handwriting

Trix Bradley

Keeping Our Kids Safe In A Broken World

Lisa McColeman

Dining Room

Fantasy And Heroism

Bryan Davis

Every Husband Can Be A Hero

Bryan Davis

No. I Can’t Do It.  The Anxious, Avoidant Child

Ben Loveday

Facing And Welcoming Adversity

Ben Loveday


A D H D: Disease, Normal Childhood Or Something Else?

Mary-Lou Maclean

Charlotte Mason  Re-educating Us As Teachers & Redefining Education

Heather Laakso

Sherrie Hesse

Career Planning In A Changing World

Shelley Smilek

Bullet Journaling

Melanie Glassford

Sonya Sommerville


How Do I Deal With My Angry Child

Karen Gaul

Upstairs, Downstairs: The Whole-brained  Child

Mary-Lou Maclean

Architecture: A Record Of Human History

Sandra Zuidema

10 Ways To Start (or Beef Up!) Your CM Homeschool

Elizabeth Millar

Round Room

Building A Moral Compass In My Child

Kirk Durston

Preparing For Faith Challenges

Kirk Durston

Teaching Logic And Critical Thinking Skills

Kirk Durston

Noah's Flood - The Event That Reshaped The Earth

Richard Fangrad


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