2017 Session 1

Anna Marsh

Room 101

Title: Conference 101

Are you new to the conference? Finding the conference a little overwhelming? Not sure what to expect, or how to maximize your time here? Join Anna, one of the conference committee members, to get the inside scoop on exhibitors, seminars, and how to get the most out of your attendance.  Anna Marsh, a mother to four, is currently homeschooling two. She attended her first KWCHEA conference the year before her eldest started Junior Kindergarten and is now proud to be part of the conference committee.  

Bianca Azzoparde

Jen Thrall

Room 102

Life Learning: A Practical Look Into The Life Of Unschooling

Have you ever wondered what the life learning (or 'unschooling') philosophy is? We will discuss this learning style, giving practical examples of what it looks like in two different families and two different stages - from the early years all the way up through the teen years.  Feel free to come with questions. Bianca has been life learning with her three children since her oldest was born 14 years ago.  She studied Social Services and Gerontology, but counts her most valuable education to be walking alongside her children as they explore, discover and create. Jen has always home educated her 8 children. She studied political science and is currently studying Midwifery and many related topics. She enjoys encouraging moms in their journey to discovering or persevering in homeschooling.

Louise House Daniel House

Room 103

A Mother And Son Look Back

Why not join Louise and her son, Daniel for an informal time of sharing as they look back over their home education journey. Hear about learning struggles, exciting opportunities, high school, post-secondary and now a career with London Police Services. Dan and Louise will each give their perspective as they recount high points, struggles, and the blessing of their homeschooling adventure. Louise homeschooled her four children for 20 years, and operates The Learning House, a home school supply company. She counts it a privilege to minister to home schooling families through: curriculum counseling; speaking; and providing encouragement on a one-on-one basis. After homeschooling through high school, Daniel attended ALERT Academy in Texas and then Fleming College. He currently works for London Police Services. As a struggling learner, homeschooling gave Daniel the opportunity for additional support and encouragement and with NILD therapy, he was able to attend college and follow his dreams.

Scott Stein

Room 104

Teaching Your Kids: A Simple Framework For A Biblical Worldview

As Christian parents, we long to pass on faith in Christ to our kids. While we work hard to teach them the truths of God’s word, we sometimes struggle helping them see how God’s truth impacts everything they see, experience, and know about the world. This session is designed to give parents a simple framework for teaching children how to place everything into a Biblical context of meaning, giving them a foundation from which to think critically about the world and Biblically about all of life.  Scott  is the founder of Prepared to Answer, a ministry that seeks to help churches and Christian families train up the minds of the next generation in the midst of our post-Christian Canadian culture. Scott has served as a trained Christian apologist for five years, after eleven years of ministry experience as a pastor.

Gerald Huebner

Room 105

The Battle For The Freedom To Choose Home Education

Is there a battle? Don’t we live in a free country? In this session, Gerald will present the reality of threats and how they affect you. There are significant attacks to freedom and parental choice of home education around the world and even in Canada. Gerald will outline these along with what is being done to advance home education rights in Canada. The session will also give you the information on what you can do to help the cause in Canada and around the world. Gerald, veteran parent of two homeschooled children, and now grandparent of three homeschooled grandchildren, is from Manitoba. Gerald has served for many years at the provincial and national level in Canada and is the board chair of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA). Gerald serves to advance parental choice and the human right to choose home education internationally as chair of the Global Home Education Conference board. Gerald works in senior management in the Government of Manitoba. All of this life, work, and home experience gave Gerald and his wife the credibility to also become involved in homeschool leadership at the local, provincial, national and global level. Gerald has spoken on home education in eight provinces and seven countries, and is a great encouragement to homeschooling families.  

Cori Dean

Room 106

Living Math

Numeracy, like literacy, is an essential skill for success in any area of adult life. Math, therefore is a key and foundational subject for our students. This seminar looks at ways to study math in order to bring this area of essential study alive and move it beyond the pure science of theoretical study into the realm of everyday life. We will look at the goals of Numeracy training and ways to accomplish those goals. These will include "mental math" and "pencil and paper" skills, as well as making links between math and various aspects of "real life", and ways to develop a passion for math.  Cori taught math for nearly 20 years and has homeschooled for 14 years.  She is now an author and editor, and brings a deep passion for this subject to her workshop.  

Lisa Schiedel

Room 108

Setting Boundaries – Why And How

We live in a culture that says we can and should do it all.  Social media encourages us to believe the lie that other home educators are doing more than we are.  Exhaustion and burnout threaten to overcome all of our best efforts. How can we identify our priorities and prayerfully walk in the best God has for our own family.  Lisa will share stories, ideas and systems  to help find rest and margin, so that we are able to live and serve with joy. Lisa and her husband, Bob, are thankful parents of five (ages 8-26). She delights in the joys of ordinary life and in encouraging others along the way

Bev Rempel

Room 110

You Don't Have To Like It

Writing is hard work! Most students do not like writing....and most  parents do not like to write either, never mind adding in that they have to also teach writing. The paradox is: It is hard to get better  at something one does not like to do because in order to get better -  one has to DO it. How do we motivate our students to write when they do not want to do something they do not enjoy?  Students MUST learn to write to be better prepared to excel in their career/future.  It will be those who are competent in writing and able to communicate that will rise to  positions of influence and leadership. Beverley is a graduated homeschool mom and is an IEW Accomplished Instructor and Master Teacher of the Blended Structure & Style program (by Dr. J.B. Webster)  She is also the author of the Canadian Theme-Based Writing Lesson Series. She and her husband own Excellent Resources and began Webster’s Academy for Excellence in Writing, an online writing school offering online  classes to students across North America.  

Robin Herman

Room 204

Homeschool On The Rock

Is there a parent alive who would purposely neglect equipping their children with confidence, discretion, understanding, peace, protection from evil and an inheritance of glory? Wisdom promises these and many other blessings. Let’s sit down together and receive the instruction of Biblical wisdom—so we can teach our children to live life well. Let’s build our homeschools on the Rock! Robin graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Guelph University in 1996, following four years of undergraduate science at Queen’s University. After practicing in the Toronto area for nearly a decade, she hung up the stethoscope to be homeschool mom to her six children, now aged 17 down to 7. It has been a challenge to homeschool ‘outside the academic box’, but she is determined to prioritize things that last for eternity and acknowledges fully that every excellent outcome in her homeschool has been the work of God, not intellect.  

Bryan Davis

Dining Room

Fantasy And Heroism

Bryan will describe the value of fantasy literature, how it can enhance interest in reading and instill virtues. He will also outline the differences between positive and negative fantasy. This session includes movie clips as examples.  Bryan has been married 36 years and has seven children. They homeschooled all seven through high school over a period of about 30 years. He is the author of several fantasy series for youth, which gives him plenty of experience about the topic of how fantasy affects the minds of young readers.

Mary-Lou Maclean


ADHD: Disease, Normal Childhood Or Something Else?

Statistics today indicate that 5-15% of school-aged children are affected by ADHD.  But what truly is ADHD, and are there other conditions that mimic the ADHD symptoms, or can lead to it? This workshop will educate you on how to identify whether or not your child has ADHD, as well as looking for therapeutic solutions to symptoms that may impede your child’s academic performance or social well being. Mary-Lou, who homeschooled for a year, has Master’s degree in education and has worked for over 20 years as a teacher and about 15 years as an educational therapist with children from the home school, Christian school and public school arena.

Karen Gaul


How Do I Deal With My Angry Child

Is your child angry? Do you struggle to control him?  Is she determined to have her own way no matter what you try to do or say? Is your child disruptive? Do you feel as if you have failed somehow as a parent? What does it mean to raise your child in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4) In this seminar, we will look at possible reasons for the anger that comes out of our children, seeking to understand the heart of that anger.  We will also discuss possible solutions, giving practical ideas to aid you in dealing Biblically with your angry child. Karen has been married for 33 years, and lives with her husband Jamie in Stratford.  She has been counselling using God’s Word for over 22 years.  Karen is certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Kirk Durston

Round Room

Building A Moral Compass In My Child

As our children mature, we desire to see them become morally responsible adults. The objective of this seminar is to lay out practical suggestions on how to help your child develop a strong sense of right and wrong during three stages of life -- laying a strong moral foundation from birth to 12 years of age; building moral understanding in the pre-adult years; and influencing the maturity and depth of moral compass in the adult years.  Kirk, father to six adult, formerly homeschooled children, works with Power to Change.  He writes and speaks on college and university campuses across Canada, on topics related to God, philosophy, and science.    


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