2017 Session 2

Anna Marsh

Room 101

Maintaining The Tension - Grace Vs. Excellence

While we all homeschool for different reasons and in different ways, there are two forces common to most homeschoolers. We strive for excellence in our schooling, and we also seek grace. Veering too far to either side can make us and our children miserable! So how do we maintain an appropriate balance? Anna, a mother of 4 with over 14 years of homeschooling will use Biblical inspiration, share what has worked for her, and offer some practical ways to keep yourself maintaining a good tension between grace and excellence. She attended her first KWCHEA conference the year before her eldest started Junior Kindergarten and is now proud to be part of the conference committee.   

Rebecca Corks

Room 102

Getting Started - Practical Tips For Newbies

How can you come to know your strengths and weaknesses as a parent and teacher? How can you develop your own style as a teaching parent, while acknowledging your students own learning styles? This session, which is meant to be encouraging to new (ish) homeschoolers, will also address the value of homeschooling together with families in the broader community, both for the students sake and for the teacher's professional development. It can be intimidating to be a new homeschooler, but you need to trust that you will find your way, step by step. Rebecca, who  has been homeschooling her 3 boys for  3 years, has a Masters in Education in experiential education. She worked in community development both in Northern Ontario and abroad in India. She taught in the Global Studies Department at WLU for 9 years, before being promoted to teach full time at home to the three charming students who won her heart.  

Diane Geerlinks

Room 103

Home Schooling Your Struggling Learner Through Highschool

“HELP! I don’t think so!!!” Are you exasperated with your struggling learner, but at the same time realizing that he/she may not be able to manage a traditional highschool? The challenge of homeschooling through highschool feels overwhelming enough, let alone with my student who cannot even write a paragraph without my help! In this workshop, Diane will share personal experiences as well as educational tips on how to make highschool a great opportunity for your struggling learner! She is a Certified Educational Therapist, Director of NILD Canada (National Institute for Learning Development) and operates GeerLINKS Learning Centre. She is a motivational speaker and brings her 23 years of homeschool experience to each session. She is passionate about finding new ways to help ALL kids learn.  

Scott Stein

Room 104

Defending A Singular Gospel In A Pluralistic Culture

This session is designed to help parents equip their children to face Canada’s pluralistic culture which promotes ‘openness’ to every belief perspective. Helping parents understand the prevailing mindset of pluralism, this session provides practical tools to respond and help their children respond to the challenge to Christian faith which says: “Who are you to claim to know the Truth?”  Scott is the founder of Prepared to Answer, a ministry that seeks to help churches and Christian families train up the minds of the next generation in the midst of our post-Christian Canadian culture. Scott has served as a trained Christian apologist for five years, after eleven years of ministry experience as a pastor.

Gerald Huebner

Room 105

Raising Leaders In A Mixed-up World - The Home Education Advantage

here are significant threats in our world today that stand in the way of raising children to be godly adults. These threats are very serious and alarming, and Christian home education offers significant advantages to counter these threats. Home education works, but it is not the easy way. How can you raise your children to be godly leaders in today’s culture? How can you stay the course and see homeschooling bear fruit in your family and in the lives of your children? Gerald, veteran parent of two homeschooled children, and now grandparent of three homeschooled grandchildren, is from Manitoba. Gerald has served for many years at the provincial and national level in Canada and is the board chair of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA). Gerald serves to advance parental choice and the human right to choose home education internationally as chair of the Global Home Education Conference board. Gerald works in senior management in the Government of Manitoba. Although Gerald and his wife, Bev, started homeschooling with the plan to do it for only one year, they instead experienced the joys and challenges of teaching their two children all the way to high school graduation. All of this life, work, and home experience gave them the credibility to also become involved in homeschool leadership at the local, provincial, national and global level. Gerald has spoken on home education in eight provinces and seven countries, and is a great encouragement to homeschooling families.   

Cori Dean

Room 106

Goal Setting And Planning Your Next School Year

Preparing for the next school year can be a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you decide what to study and when to study it? Are you planning too much, or too little? How do you know if you are making SMART goals? Do your long term goals for educating your children match your short and medium term goals? This workshop will walk you through how to plan for each of your children for an entire school year from writing a vision and goals to finishing with a workable schedule. Cori is the proprietor of Maple Tree Publications, as well as a veteran homeschool mom.

Richard Fangrad

Room 108

What The Bible And Science Say About The Age Of The Earth

Does it matter to Christian theology if the earth is millions of years old? Is there evidence for a 'young' earth? The first half of the presentation focuses on what the Bible says on this issue: Could the "days" of Genesis 1 be long periods? Could there be millions of years between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2? The second half presents some scientific evidence for a young earth - evidence supporting a recent creation in six earth-rotation days.  Richard is the CEO of Creation Ministries International, Canada and the homeschooling father of five.

Emily Beilby

Room 110

The Primary Years Without Curriculum

Young kids have an innate desire to learn. How can you teach basic skills without expensive curriculum?  Join Emily as she discusses everything from Math and English to Science, History and Art.  This session focuses on teaching children in the JK-Grade 3 years. Emily's four children, ages 6-15 are still all learning at home.  In her spare time, Emily loves to hike, knit and read.   

Trix Bradley

Room 204

The Power Of Handwriting

Can handwriting make you smarter? Handwriting develops idea expression, composition, fine motor, spatial skills and more! Hear about the latest research on handwriting, how it engages the brain and why it is important for both the average and struggling learner.  Trix is director and owner of Edison Learning Centre. A qualified psychometrist, special education teacher and educational consultant, she holds a degree in psychology and a graduate in special education. Her passion is equipping parents to help students reach their God-control potential. She is married with two grown sons and a brand new grandson!

Bryan Davis

Dining Room

Every Husband Can Be A Hero

Author Bryan Davis takes men on a hero's journey. The class begins with a look at what makes a man a hero, specifically, a model of sacrificial love for his wife. Then, by means of a humorous story about a "knight in shining armour," the class progresses step by step through principles that equip a man to be a protective, compassionate shepherd in his household. Bryan has been married 36 years and has seven children. They homeschooled all seven through high school over a period of about 30 years. Twenty years ago, Bryan quit his job to pursue the dream of becoming an author and is now the author of several fantasy series for youth.  

Sherrie Hesse

Heather Laakso


Charlotte Mason  Re-educating Us As Teachers & Redefining Education

If you have never heard of Charlotte Mason (or have only heard her name), come and be introduced to this 19th-century British Christian educator who offers us great insight into how children learn best. If you have heard terms like "living books", "narration", and "nature study", come learn how these fit into Mason's paradigm-shifting model of education -- a model that is just as relevant today as it was in her time. If you already know Mason and are trying to apply her ideas to your homeschool, come hear how Mason reshaped two former public school teachers' understanding of their roles as educators.  Before homeschooling  her 4 children for the past 6 years, Sherrie taught in the public schools for 6 years, 3 of which were at a specialized school for students facing learning challenges. Heather, though not homeschooled herself, knew in high school that she wanted to homeschool any children she might have in the future. Prior to having children, she taught high school math and English for 5 years. She is homeschooling her 4 daughters. She and Sherrie help lead a Charlotte Mason study group.

Mary-Lou Maclean


Upstairs, Downstairs: The Whole-Brained Child

Emotional intelligence and working memory are two aspects of executive function which play key roles in the “upstairs” brain of a child when making decisions and balancing emotions. In this workshop, we will investigate the completed meta-analysis of evaluation studies showing improved academic accomplishments linked to strategic programs that train in social and emotional learning. Learn how to implement these learning strategies to create enriched classrooms and enhance struggling learners.  Mary-Lou, who homeschooled for a year, has Master’s degree in education and has worked for over 20 years as a teacher and about 15 years as an educational therapist with children from the home school, Christian school and public school arena.


Kirk Durston

Round Room

Preparing For Faith Challenges

This seminar is designed for young men and women of approximately 13 to 18 years of age. The objective is to teach them how to present a ‘defence’ for their beliefs through simple, but elegant and powerful arguments. The first is a logical argument for the existence of God. The second is a historical argument for the belief that God exists and is active in history, through Jesus the Messiah. The final argument will look at why Christianity is true. The students will be provided with resources for further study and discussion.

Kirk, father to six adult children, works with Power to Change. He has a PhD. in Biophysics,  a M.A. in Philosophy, a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.Sc. in Physics, and is working towards a M.A. in Theology.  His education has given him the ability to challenge students through his writing and speaking on college and university campuses across Canada, on topics related to God, philosophy, and science.   


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