2018 Session 2


Tammara Heaslip

Getting Started Road Map

There is an ocean of information to consider - curriculum, learning styles, teaching styles, activities, socialization, finances, fears, hopes, challenges and choices, choices, choices.  This seminar will help you identify just what the prioirities should be and how you can avoid falling off into the ditches that could derail your journey.  

Tammara is in her seventh year home educating her three sons and one daughter.  She uses an eclectic blend of classical and freestyle choices.  She also helps to lead her local support group as well as a fine arts co-op called Jubal Cottage School in the Niagara Region.


Diane Geerlinks

Why Homeschooling a Child with Unique Needs is a Great Choice

Are you trying to homeschool a child that doesn't fit the mold? Every child is unique, but some have needs that require more intervention.  The labels range from Autism to Down's Syndrome, from ADHD to Vision Impairment to Auditory Processing Disorder.  Is it really possible to teach your child in all of these situations? In this workshop, we will discuss the pros and cons, hear each other's real life stories, share available resources and receive some much needed encouragement for the journey.

Diane is a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, Director of NILD Canada and brings her 25 years of homeschool experience to each workshop she teaches. She is passionate about finding new ways to help ALL kids learn.


Bryan Rempel

How to Write an Essay in 7 Easy Steps

This seminar teaches the Seven Steps of the A+DVANCE essay writing formula/acronym. It is easy to remember the key points covering everything from 'understanding your assignment/audience' to 'final editing tips'.  This method lays the foundation for various types of persuasive, narrative, argumentative and expository essays.  

As co-owner, with his wife, Bev, of Excellent Resources, Bryan's expertise is in turning reluctant writers into competent communicators.


Cori Dean

Getting It Together: Managing Family, Home and School

Homeschooling is a 24/7 job, so scheduling is essential for maintaining sanity and order.  Your planning needs to go beyond setting a schedule, making a chore chart, creating lesson plans or pinching some pennies.  In this workshop, we walk through the basics of planning for a busy household.  We will also look at strategies for involving the whole family in the care and management of the home and family, so that young people will gain life skills and so that parents won't succumb to weariness.

Cory has been home educating her four daughters for 15 years. She enjoys writing and speaking to homeschoolers coast to coast.


David Marsh

It Takes a Father: A Father's Unique Role in the Homeschool

In the midst of the debate about the family roles (and the nature of gender itself) in our culture and in our churches, the role of a father in a homeschool setting has seldom been less clear.  Be challenged and encouraged, as we consider what the Bible teaches about the unique contributions of a father in the home and the home school, whether as primary educator, consultant, principal or anything in between.  

David is father of four home schooled children and an active member of his local church. He coaches a variety of academic teams and clubs and also directs a summer camp for boys in Northern Ontario.


Cory McKenna

Founded on the Rock

Do you desperately desire to more faithfully follow Christ through this crazy world and lead your children to do the same? As the formative years of post-secondary education loom on the horizon, how well prepared are your children to stand strong through the imminent secular storms that college and university so often bring? Come and learn a Biblical framework for discerning and walking wisely through the most pivotal decisions of life.

Cory is a Christ-follower, husband, homeschooling dad, pastor, equipping evangelist and Founding President of The Cross Current local missions ministry.


Gary Tomic

Please note that this is a change from the printed Syllabus

War and Peace with Technology

New ground breaking research is showing the toll of unfettered and uncontrolled use of this technology on children and adults. As parents, it is daunting to understand what the appropriate limits are and how to establish accountability and enforcement.  This seminar will cover common challenges many families face and how to provide safe technology use for all age groups.  Parents will be equipped to discern which of several products might work best for their family, so that peace and safety can be reestablished.

Gary and Darlene homeschool their five children.  A graduate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gary works as a software engineering architect developing computer security solutions for the world's largest corporations. He is also very involved as a lay pastor in his home church.


Bob & Helga Edwards

Understanding Child and Adolescent Development

(Why does my child/teen do that?)

This seminar will teach practical information for parents to keep in mind when interacting with children and teens to avoid common misunderstandings, unnecessary conflict and power struggles.   

Helga and Bob have been married since 1988 and have two young adult children. They have degrees in Religious Studies and Social Development Studies and Masters in Social Work. Their hope is to use the gifts and and training that God has given them to help people experience freedom, forgiveness, love and wholeness in their lives and relationships.  


Brenda Tomini

Helping High School Students Make SMART Decisions about Jobs and Careers

Making career decisions can be a daunting task for students and their parents. Time and money are at risk if the wrong decision is made. This presentation will focus on the steps that need to be taken, before applying to a college or university program. A review of the types of tests that are available to assist students in career decision will be covered, followed by a clear understanding of the information they provide. The National Occupational Classification Career Handbook will be reviewed as a tool to navigate the job options that can be considered. Labour market considerations which determine whether students can find a job once they graduate will also be discussed.

Dr. Brenda Tomini, a homeschool mom, is a psychologist who has been working in the area of career testing for more than 15 years.


Carroll Smith


In this session, we will discuss the history of and research behind the practise of narration.  Is narration a viable option for learning today? You will go home grounded in the importance of narration, so that you can use it thoroughly and with purpose.  

Carroll holds an undergraduate degree in Intermediate Education, a master's in School Administration and a doctorate of education in Curriculum and Instruction.  He and his wife have two adult children.


Scott Stein

Parenting in a "Hyper-Sexualized" Generation

We are living in an age of rapid change in the area of sexuality. In this session, you will look at how to talk to your kids about some of the big issues related to sexuality in this broken world. You will learn about how we can live in this world that sees things very differently and also about what you can do to win your kids to the truth found in God's word about sex and Godly relationships.

Scott is a husband, the father of two, a former pastor and a local apologist with Prepared to Answer.


Sue Wright

Training Our Children to be Critical Thinkers in Science

What is science and what are its limitations? Is scientific truth determined by majority rule?  What is the difference between empirical and historical science? In this talk, Sue will give a brief history of empirical science and the scientific errors of past ages. The focus of this workshop is to share strategies to teach your children how to avoid being taken captive by authoritarian-sounding evolutionary teaching.

Sue is a homeschool veteran and has four grown children. She now works as an event planner with CMI.  She is passionate about parents equipping their children to defend their faith against the onslaught of evolutionary dogma being foisted on our society as 'science'.


Christine Gayfer

Nurturing a Mom’s Spirit

Homeschooling is a tremendous calling - incredibly rewarding and incredibly demanding all at the same time. We can easily spend so much energy doing things for God that we forget to save energy and time to stay close to Him.

As a homeschool mom of nine children(ages 10 months to 23 years),  Christine has often been in this place.  She will share how having a vision and a plan can help to avoid discouragement and spiritual weariness. She will discuss a simple and flexible tool to help you stay faithful in prayer, as well as explore ideas for refocusing on your own spiritual training and refreshment.


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