2018 Session 3


Elizabeth Millar

Charlotte Mason for Young Children

The early years are very important for setting a strong foundation of good habits and helpful routines for life and education. Learn to enjoy these younger years by providing a solid gentle education, without fear of omission, but rather with confidence that you are doing things that matter. There will be book lists, samples of school work, suggestions for routines, some do's and don'ts and suggested resource materials.  Be sure to bring your questions.

Elizabeth Millar is a homeschooling veteran of 13 years and mother of five. She believes that recognizing God's thread of redemption and beauty and grace throughout history is one of the ways to turn learning into worship.


Diane Geerlinks

Homeschooling the Early Years

With the launching of the full day Kindergarten programs in Ontario, homeschool parents are feeling more and more pressure from family and community to begin home education with their 4 and 5 year olds. These are the years that children are usually eager and excited to learn about the world around them. How do we balance the ‘school work’ with ‘play based learning’?  And, how can we identify learning weaknesses during these critical years?

As an Early Childhood Educator, a homeschool mother and now an NILD Educational Therapist, Diane will help you think through these important concepts.  She operates GeerLINKS Learning Centre. She is a motivational speaker and brings her 23 years of homeschool experience to each session. She is passionate about finding new ways to help ALL kids learn.


Beth Reid

Building a Solid Math Foundation

Who is going to build a house by starting with the walls? Without a solid foundation, those walls may hold up for a bit, but eventually will come crashing down.  Math is a lot like building a house - a strong foundation is essential. It doesn't have to be difficult.  Come and see how easy it is to teach math.  

Beth and her family live in the countryside near Kingston where she home educates her four children, all of whom have very different aptitudes for math.  Beth is at the conference as an exhibitor for RightStart Mathematics.


Mary-Lou Maclean

Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness

"Thinking about how one thinks" is what neuroscientists call metacognition. Studies show that as students' metacognitive abilities increase, they achieve at higher levels.  Self-awareness plays an important role in helping a student learn more efficiently and also improves their emotional and social health. Come and learn various strategies to implement metacognitive learning with your children.

Mary-Lou has a Master's degree in Education and has worked for many years as an educational therapist.   


Christine Gayfer

Sustainable Homeschooling: How to Build a Homeschool that is Effective and Viable for the Long Haul

Whether you are an aspiring, new or seasoned home educator, you are invited to join Christine as she explores the myth of 'taking it year by year' and closely examines the costs of homeschooling on our children's education, our time, our finances and our emotions. You will leave with many ideas from veterans to help you make these costs affordable, enabling you to create a vibrant homeschool that is truly viable and sustainable for the long term.  

Christine has been speaking at home school conferences for over a decade and longs to encourage moms to think eternally by focusing on the bigger picture of homeschooling.


Kirk Durston

Evolution and Creation: A Reality Check

The origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the large-scale evolution of life  will each be addressed in this seminar, with the objective of equipping parents with clear, transferable responses.  There is the general perception that science is well on its way to explaining all three when the reality is substantially different.  On the positive side, it will be shown that divine creation appears to be more compatible with actual scientific advances in explaining the origin of the universe and the origin of life in its various kinds.

Kirk is a former homeschooling dad, a scientist and an apologist with Power to Change for 33 years.  He holds a Masters in Philosophy, a Doctorate in Bio-Physics and speaks regularly on university campuses across Canada.  


Bonnie Getty &

Laurie Pruim


Find out how your child's portfolio can accurately display their diligent work at home. This is of special interest to those with high school students seeking to enter post-secondary education. Currently there are no government requirements in Ontario as there are in some provinces, but this organized accounting of work completed can be helpful in several situations.

Bonnie Getty and Laurie Pruim work with HSLDA in the office and are both homeschool veterans.  


Bob & Helga Edwards

Practical Parenting Strategies for Teens

The aim of this seminar is to give parents tools to communicate effectively with teens, develop healthy boundaries with their teens, help their teens develop self-esteem and to help their teens manage turbulent emotions.

Helga and her husband, Bob both hold Masters degrees in Social Work. In 2013, they each received the Delta Epsilon Chi Award for Intellectual Achievement, Christian Character and Leadership Ability from the Association of Biblical Higher Education.  Their two children are now 21 and 18.  


Anton Lim

Don't Forget to Bring This with You to College or University  (Teens)

The next chapter, at college or university, is filled with both opportunity and challenge. Naturally, you want to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge for the program and field of study. But knowledge and skills are not the only thing that is tested.  Your character and convictions will be challenged in and out of the classroom.  Join Anton to explore how to better prepare for the days ahead.

A graduate of McMaster, Anton currently oversees NEXT, an initiative of Power to Change - Students, to help high school graduates join new communities to further discover Jesus and the Christian faith. He has interacted with thousands of students over the past ten years.  Anton and his wife, Roslyn, live in Barrie with their two young sons.


Carroll Smith


How is it that you can dispense with your current location and be transported into another time and another world when you read a good story?  Why is it that the story can create strong emotions within you?  Does neuroscience today help us understand this impact?  Even more, why is it that some have said we need the story to help us become one nation?   This session will attempt to answer these questions and help us understand why Mason was so adamant about the literary form.

Dr. Carroll Smith was first introduced to Charlotte Mason at a L'Abri conference in the 1970's and subsequently founded the Charlotte Mason Institute, an educational nonprofit.


Scott Stein

Teaching Your Kids A Simple Framework for a Biblical Worldview

As Christian parents, we long to pass on faith in Christ to our kids. While we work hard to teach them the truths of God’s word, we sometimes struggle helping them see how God’s truth impacts everything they see, experience and know about the world. This session is designed to give parents a simple framework for teaching children how to place everything into a Biblical context of meaning, giving them a foundation from which to think critically about the world and Biblically about all of life.  

A former pastor, Scott Stein is the founder of Prepared to Answer, a ministry that seeks to help churches and Christian families train up the minds of the next generation in the midst of our post-Christian Canadian culture.


Melanie Glassford

Shared Teaching

Shared teaching is a great way for the whole family to learn new things, make close connections and support one another.  Educating our children can be a daunting task.  Sometimes, we wish we could teach our kids a specific subject that we're not confident in, or can't imagine how to fit into our aleady busy lives. This seminar will give you insight into the how to's, what this looks like, and the challenges that are totally worth overcoming. This is about creating a time that will help you all grow, feel supported and experience subjects in an engaging way.  

Melanie has been homeschooling her two children for six years.  She has been co-teaching for the last five years. Her passions are art, handicrafts, Shakepeare and poetry.  Shared teaching has been a blessing in her homeschool journey.


Ben Loveday

Large Family Treasure Hunt: Discovering Our Children

Created in God's image, each child is a rich expression of God's own character and glory.  But with so many pressures on the modern family, how do we protect and encourage this light to the surface, how do we discover our real children, especially within the inherent chaos of a full house?

In this talk, you will hear 'fast fails', and accelerated victories experienced as Ben and Bonnie raise 11 children at home. They approach education from a life-learning perspective using No curriculum.  This talk aims to give permission to move toward a joyful, hopeful and inspiring discovery of one's children, learning gradually to live as a family in freedom.  Ben Loveday, MD is a psychiatrist working with the homeless population as well as struggling families.


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