2018 Session 4


Henry  and Kara

de Roos

Keeping Your Marriage Strong in your HSing Home: How and Why!

Homeschooling can make family life extremely busy.  Having your children home all the time can sometimes cause the marriage to get neglected. God wants this primary relationship to be the priority in the family, as the strength of the family relies on the strength of the marriage.  Henry and Kara, married  for 26 years, will talk about keeping the fun and spice in your marriage, giving you practical tips on improving every aspect of it.  BTW - this seminar goes beyond 'date night' and PG13!

The de Roos' have 8 children (25-6) and have been homeschooling for over twenty years.  A former high school teacher, Henry now works as a missionary. Kara worked as a registered nurse and  now enjoys being home full time.


Laurie Kenyon

Looking Back to Help You Go Forward

Over the past twenty-five years, Laurie has home educated all seven of her children to grade eight and then used Tree of Life correspondence with them through the high school years. Laurie is the author of two encouraging books for moms and loves to share her experiences.  She is very open and honest about her journey including the joys and hardships.  She will share some of the important principles she has adopted along the way, as well as some of the things she would like to do again, only differently.


Chris and Jennifer Timm

Building Up "God's Temple"- Fitness in the Home School

How we treat our bodies is important and it is doubly important for our children who have growing bodies. But how can we incorporate physical fitness into our teaching environment? This seminar will examine not only the need for fitness as an element of discipleship and growth, but also provide practical help on how to add it into any context or home, based on the interests and abilities of your children.

Chris is the founder and head coach of the KWCHEA Eagles Running Club.  He also coaches with the Laurel Creek Track Club, where he helps athletes achieve their goals from local to national and international competition.  Jennifer is one of the founders of Funday Club, the long running co-op where gym class and physical fitness is important.


Mary-Lou Maclean

Executive Function: Air Traffic Control

Executive function strategies are an important foundation for helping children grow and develop their academic skills, as well as building their confidence levels. Students, who recognize how to use these strategies in working with their weaknesses and strengths also, see improved grades. Learn how to implement and build an executive function culture in your homeschool which will create confident and resilient students and open gateways to success.   

Mary-Lou holds a Masters degree in education, has taught for over 20 years and also worked as an educational therapist for 16 years. She is the loving mother of a seven year old.


Karen Bowman

The Adventure of Homeschooling Through High School

Karen retired from homeschooling two years ago, after walking her four children through their educational journey from birth of Grade 12. She actually survived and thrived and the children are successfully pursuing their post-secondary educational lives.  Topics will include challenges and opportunities, curriculum, socialization(ROTFL), navigating the post-secondary application process and God's encouragement along the way.  


Kirk Durston

Teaching Logic And Critical Thinking Skills

Our children face a deluge of opinions and views that actually have no solid basis in truth.  Unfortunately, they are often not trained to analyse the assertions and arguments and can be shaken by them.  This seminar offers practical suggestions on how to put together a solid case for their beliefs and at the same time, recognize bad or non-existent arguments put forward by those who wish to manipulate society to their own ends.

Kirk holds degrees in physics, engineering and philosophy as well as a PhD in bio-physics.  He has worked in full time ministry with Power to Change for 33 years, writing, speaking, debating and also training and discipling young adults.  He is a former homeschool dad with six adult children.


Peter Stock

Please note that this is a change from the printed Syllabus

Updates and Policy Advice from HSLDA

Peter Stock, new president of HSLDA will present an overview of the legalities of home educating in Ontario and an update of the state of home education in Canada.  Here is a chance to ask your questions and also find out how HSLDA can be a support to you.  

Peter has been a successful pro-family leader and strategist in government, media and public policy for over a quarter century.  He and his wife, Tarah, have been home educating their four children for the past ten years.


Philip Bruce

Positive Psychology

Positive psychologists focus on positive emotions: positive traits, strengths, virtues, abilities and intuitions. This workshop will help parents learn to identify and trigger increasingly, the expressions of these emotions in their children. When children express multiple positive emotions in everyday life. ie. the capacity to experience joy, interest, contentment and love, they also yield multiple inter-related benefits, including the dissipation of negative emotions.

Dr. Phillip Bruce is the Executive Director of Nairn Family Homes, a private foster care agency. His theoretical, yet practical approach is well-known and respected in the field of foster care and parenting. Phillip is married to Alice and together they have four grown children, four grandchildren and a foster daughter who considers them her forever parents.


Bob Schiedel

Let’s Talk Tech (Teens)

Have you ever received a text you were unsure how to interpret or posted a picture or video you wished you could 'unpost'?  In this discussion based workshop, we will explore the positives and negatives of  our tech world.  We will look at news articles, blogs, interviews, and our own personal experiences to hopefully challenge us and our peers to positively connect with technology.  Bob is a homeschooling dad of five and a high school tech teacher.


Carroll Smith


Plato believed there were two worlds - the temporary, material, earthly, visible world and the permanent, immaterial, heavenly, invisible world and that human fulfillment involved transcending this earthly, lesser physical realm to the real heavenly realm. This unbiblical way of understanding reality has produced a dualism that has plagued Christianity throughout the ages with the idea that true spirituality involves transcending this physical world. Sadly, these dualistic ideas have also subtly crept into the ways of understanding education, and we will explore in this session the impact of dualism in modern education.

Dr. Smith comes to us from his home in the Blue Ridge Mtns on Virginia where he enjoys gardening and reading and discussing ideas with friends.  He and his wife, Andra have two grown children.


Scott Stein

Q and A with Scott

Do you have questions that have arisen from one of Scott's earlier seminars?  Would you like to hear a bit more about some of the topics he has addressed today? Here is the time to bring your questions or come listen as he answers the questions of others.  Scott was a pastor for seven years and now works full time as an apologist with Prepared to Answer, a ministry supporting churches and families.  He and his wife, Charlene have two children.


Trix Bradley

You Are What You Eat! The Effects of Diet on Learning

Eating right may not solve all of the learning difficulties your child has, but it can help them to meet their potential.  Science has shown that eating the right foods impacts the brain and the body, and its ability to function properly.  Other research has shown a correlation between eating and behaviour and the ability to learn. Come and learn the why's and how's of eating right for optimum learning. Trix is the owner and director of Edison Learning Centre. A qualified psychometrist with a graduate degree in special education, she has also taken many courses in alternative health practises.  Her passion is equipping homeschooling parents to help students reach their God-given potential.


Ben Loveday

Preparing for Take-Off

Yikes!! My child is within eighteen years of possibly leaving home.  What do I do?  How do I prepare my child for adulthood?  How do I prepare myself for the challenges of relating to my children as adults?

Ben and his wife Bonnie are the homeschooling parents of 11 children, from newborn up to a 16 year old.  During his training and practise as a psychiatrist, Ben has viewed the fields of medicine and psychiatry through a lens of faith in God.


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