2017 Session 4

Donna Fawcett

Room 101

If I Had To Do It Over Again, What Would I Change?

Come and learn from one who has completed her homeschool journey. Donna who considers herself a retired homeschooler, will share the lessons she learned in her eleven years of homeschooling.  Donna will talk about things she would NOT change and things that she WOULD change from what she did, from the beginning of home teaching to the college years and letting go. This will help you in planning what you want to achieve with your children, and in determining where you should place your priorities. Donna's three daughters graduated from homeschooling and entered university, all with scholarships. Donna now enjoys working as a freelance writer, and is the author of Thriving in the Home School—A Parent's Guide.

Jon Zagaja

Room 102

Introduction To Advanced Placement Exams For Homeschoolers

Advanced Placement courses and exams offer students an opportunity to master first year university knowledge and skills in a wide variety of subject areas. High achievement levels on AP exams allow students to earn first year university equivalency credits at most Canadian and American universities. This presentation will focus on developing  a multi-year instructional plan to help high school students be successful on the AP Literature and Composition Exam.  Topics will include creating a reading syllabus of AP quality literature, understanding the three categories of questions typically found on the Literature AP exam, and identifying reading and writing tasks that foster student success on this international test. Participants will review an actual exam, study sample student responses, and examine scoring procedures.  This session will also outline the exam registration and grade submission process for students applying to university. Jon is married to a home schooling spouse and is a father of two young girls.  He has over twenty-five years of teaching experience at the high school level and twenty years as a Department Head. He has taught AP English courses for twelve years.   

Diane Geerlinks

Room 103

Better Late Than Early Or Early Than Late

When homeschooling as we know it now began to rise in the 70’s, there was much discussion about allowing each child to learn at their own pace, on their own time. Parents heard over and over again ‘Don’t worry…they’ll catch on eventually’. Although this is somewhat reassuring, is it fact? At what point, should we, as parents, look into why our students are struggling with certain concepts? As homeschool parents, we have the privilege of identifying and addressing these issues early on, so that all of our kids can get on the road to success! In this workshop, you will learn to identify some of the reasons our children struggle and what can be done to help them.   Diane Geerlinks is a Certified Educational Therapist, Director of NILD Canada (National Institute for Learning Development) and operates GeerLINKS Learning Centre. She is a motivational speaker and brings her 23 years of homeschool experience to each session. She is passionate about finding new ways to help ALL kids learn.      

Scott Stein

Room 104

Contemporary Issues In Gender Identity

As our culture continues dissolving male / female gender categories, Christians must equip themselves to thoughtfully and lovingly respond to those caught up in the confusion, as well as preparing our children to know and live out what is true. This session is designed to help parents to: First, grasp the worldview that is undergirding our culture's deconstruction of gender categories. Second, look at some of the current scientific research as it pertains to gender identity and how it does not support the culture’s current transgender narrative, and third, help parents develop a Biblical framework for understanding and teaching their children about gender, as well as discussing practical responses in the event that their own child expresses distress regarding gender identity. Scott is the founder of Prepared to Answer, a ministry that seeks to help churches and Christian families train up the minds of the next generation in the midst of our post-Christian Canadian culture. Scott has served as a trained Christian apologist for five years, after eleven years of ministry experience as a pastor.

Sarah Hobbs

Room 105

Drama: Easy How-to's And Why's

Drama isn't only for the dramatic. Jesus loved the art of storytelling and you and your student can too!  We will spend some time discussing why you would want to include drama in your plans, how it can improve your student's confidence, poise and communication skills and the practical how-to's. With some great warm-up and skill-building ideas, we will cover the basics of drama that are critical to include in any Drama Class, and help to brainstorm ideas that you can use to implement into your Homeschool Community.   Sarah has had a love for drama and theatre all her life.  During high school, she performed in many productions and taught at summer theatre camps for kids.  After high school, she toured with Covenant Players, performing hundreds of plays throughout Canada and the US.  As well as homeschooling her five children, she has taught drama for 9 years at Jubal Cottage School, which in 2013, took part in the Stratford Student Players Festival. Sarah also hosts a monthly Charlotte Mason book club, works part-time for Christian Horizons and is a Nutritional Consultant.

Jason Lindsay

Room 106

The Amazing Things You Can Do

God gives us all certain skills and abilities that we can use to honour and glorify Him.  Not everybody will be great at everything, but most of us can be better at something than we are and at a younger age than most of us believe.  Join Jason, owner of Young Entrepreneurs of North America, as he explores the amazing things that youth are capable of when following Biblical principles - from starting their own business, to preparing for marriage, and more!  People of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Jason's company offers online courses to high school level and up on accounting/entrepreneurship, public speaking and personal finance  His goal is to see youth learn to do things at a much earlier age than society expects of them, and using Biblical principles in their lives to do it.

Bryan Davis

Room 108

How To Start A Story Part 2

Bryan will discuss story structure, focusing on how to start a story. Many aspiring writers have great ideas, but they often don't know how to begin the story and make it work. He will  provide down-to-earth details that will help flesh out the theories presented.  Bryan has been married 36 years and has seven children. They homeschooled all seven through high school over a period of about 30 years. He is the author of several fantasy series for youth, and has taught writing skills to aspiring writers for a decade.

Lena Emo

Room 110

Developing Character Through Everyday Life

Character development can and must happen through everyday homeschooling experiences! Through well-chosen curriculum, daily life skills, and intentional focus on specific character traits, much can be accomplished in a school year. Our biggest enemies are allowing constant activity to consume our days, and not pursuing a vision for what really matters past our days of schooling. This seminar will focus on the how-to’s of character development – when and where, as well as what to add into your school day - including ideas that work for the whole family or a specific child.  Guidelines for various grade levels will be discussed.    Lena has homeschooled for over 20 years, and two of her 5 children have finished university. Lena enjoys teaching seminars and encouraging families.

Ben Loveday

Dining Room

Facing And Welcoming Adversity

Ben will discuss the constructive and destructive elements of challenge, adversity, and failure. He will help us to learn how to prepare our children for and support them through our parenting failures and their personal failures. Dr. Loveday is a psychiatrist working primarily with struggling adolescents and their families.  He views the fields of medicine and psychiatry through the lens of faith in God.  While working with youth, he has come to recognize patterns of lies that undermine healthy child development and break down the most important family relationships. He points families toward Biblical truths with the potential to set them free for victorious living.  Ben and his wife homeschool their 9 children.  

Melanie Glassford

Sonya Sommerville


Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling can help to manage your responsibilities, set personal and teaching goals as well as empower your kids with key organizational skills. This seminar will walk through how to start a personal and homeschooling bullet journal.  We will discuss material options and examine page layout ideas.  Melanie is passionate about finding balance and focusing on what's truly important. She has been homeschooling her two children for the past five years.  Her artistic pursuits, research skills and need for a system to juggle the many aspects of being a wife, mother, artist and teacher drew her towards bullet journaling. Sonya is mother to three and has been homeschooling for 14 years. She has journeyed from being a highly structured, organized child to a rather disorganized parent and is slowly finding her way to a balance between the two through experimentation with different time management methods.

Elizabeth Millar


10 Ways To Start (or Beef Up!) Your CM Homeschool

Perhaps you’ve read Susan Schaeffer Macauley’s, For the Children’s Sake or something by Karen Andreola or maybe you’ve got the pink volumes of Charlotte Mason on your book shelf. For some reason, the CM philosophy of education intrigues you and you feel drawn to this particular way of education. If you’re wanting to put this philosophy into practice, but not sure where to start or you’ve been doing this for a few years but want to do more, this seminar will give you some very practical ways to put this philosophy of education into practice. Instead of feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed,  Elizabeth would love for you to walk out of this seminar with some concrete ideas for your homeschool that you can implement right away - things like keeping notebooks, establishing a morning routine, how to do read-a-louds, spending time in nature. Reading about something is one thing - putting it into practice is another and sometimes it helps to have a friend say - try this! (Please note - even if you are totally unfamiliar with the Charlotte Mason approach to education, the ideas and suggestions will still be useful and encouraging. No prior knowledge is needed to benefit from this conversation!)  Elizabeth  has been homeschooling her 5  children for the past 12+ years. She’s also had the wonderful opportunity of teaching at several homeschool co-ops, as well as coordinating a book club for children. She has always enjoyed history, because it is all about people and stories - two of her favourite things.  

Richard Fangrad

Round Room

Noah's Flood - The Event That Reshaped The Earth

What was Noah's flood really like? What kind of damage did it cause? This talk looks at observations in geology from around the world and concludes that the only reasonable explanation is a global flood. The concept of a 'local flood' is explored (and rejected on Scriptural and scientific grounds). The rapid movement of the continents (the break-up of the pre-flood continent) during the flood is discussed as the major driving force behind the catastrophe of the flood. The conclusion is that the flood is responsible for the geologic record and the surface features of the earth (mountains, canyons, etc.) and as logical consequence, the millions of years so often associated with rocks and fossils are an illusion - the Bible's timescale is true!  Richard is CEO of Creation Ministries International, Canada and the homeschooling father of five. This talk is suitable for Jr. High and up and is more technical than most of Richard's talks.


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