Our Library

Library books are available to borrow for all registered members.  Books are checked out at the meeting.

1.  How do I sign resources out and bring them back?

To sign resources out,  give your library card to the person checking resources out.  She’ll give you a receipt with the resource numbers on it, and keep your card with a copy of the receipt until you return the resources. When you bring your resources back, please show them to the person checking resources in.  She will give you your card back, and we’d ask that you then replace your resources with the others of the same code so that others can find them!  

2.  How many resources can I take out?

We don’t limit the number of resources.

3.  Can I take resources out if I don’t have my card?  – No.

4.  Can I renew a resource?

Usually, if it’s not a high-demand item.  But you need to bring it back  to renew it.

5.  What if I can’t be at a meeting to return a resource?

If you know you’re going to miss the next meeting, please send the resource to the meeting with a friend or drop it off at the library co-ordinator’s house.   If you keep the resource out more than two meetings, you’ll receive a reminder phone call.  If it is not returned by the third meeting,  it will be referred to the Steering committee as stated in the policy paper point 7.5.

6.  What are the rules about photocopying books and other materials?

Some homeschool books and unit studies are designed to be photocopied by the owner (for instance, they may be copied for one family’s use).  Please read the specific copyright rules at the beginning of each book.  Although we have purchased them for the homeschool library, we request that KWCHEA members also respect those rules.  We need to bless and support those whose time (and often money) has gone into publishing the books.

7.  How do I know where to find the resource I am looking for?

The resources are coded by the Dewey decimal system.  

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