Our Parent Support Group Meetings are open to any one aged 12 or older.  If you are not a member of our group,  you may still  feel free to attend a meeting that may be of interest to you.

Please note that our liability insurance prohibits children under 12 except for nursing babies.

Our Parent support group meetings  

Meetings Begin at 7:00 p.m.

For directions to the meeting,  see Location.


Parent Support Group Meetings

Sept 16, 2017

Organizational Tips

Join us for a presentational of our favourite organizational tips. We will focus the tops on 2 questions. How do you schedule your homeschooling year? And What is the physical layout of your homeschool? We will also break into small group to continue sharing tips with one another.  Come prepared with any tips you might have.

Oct 21, 2017

Louise House

Daniel House

A Mother And Son Look Back

Louise and her son, Daniel will look back over their home education journey. Hear about learning struggles, exciting opportunities, high school, post-secondary and now a career with London Police Services. Dan and Louise will each give their perspective as they recount high points, struggles, and the blessing of their homeschooling adventure. Louise homeschooled her four children for 20 years, and operates The Learning House, a home school supply company. She counts it a privilege to minister to home schooling families through: curriculum counseling; speaking; and providing encouragement on a one-on-one basis. After homeschooling through high school, Daniel attended ALERT Academy in Texas and then Fleming College. He currently works for London Police Services. As a struggling learner, homeschooling gave Daniel the opportunity for additional support and encouragement and with NILD therapy, he was able to attend college and follow his dreams.

Nov 18, 2017

Kirk Durston

Building A Moral Compass In My Child

As our children mature, we desire to see them become morally responsible adults. The objective of this seminar is to lay out practical suggestions on how to help your child develop a strong sense of right and wrong during three stages of life -- laying a strong moral foundation from birth to 12 years of age; building moral understanding in the pre-adult years; and influencing the maturity and depth of moral compass in the adult years.  Kirk, father to six adult, formerly homeschooled children, works with Power to Change.  He writes and speaks on college and university campuses across Canada, on topics related to God, philosophy, and science.  

January 2018

Date to be determined

Annette Goodwin

Conflict Resolution and Communication

Description to follow

February 2018

Date to be determined

Inspiring Kids to Write

Description to follow

March 2018

Date to be determined


Curriculum Panel - A Day in the Life

Panelists will answer a number of different questions about how their homeschool day is shaped by the curriculum philosophy  they have chosen. They will be describing their style, the type of curriculum in that style, how they came to that philosophy, the advantages of the philosophy, and any drawbacks to that philosophy.


April 2018

Date to be determined

Q & A

This night will be a special meeting for those that are just getting starting in homeschooling, or investigating homeschooling, or those homeschoolers who feel that they still have lot of unanswered questions. You will have an opportunity to ask questions of veteran homeschoolers.

May  2018

Date to be determined

Tracey Lalonde

Memory Pegs For Learning – Making History Stick

Have you ever felt like history is too hard, too boring or just too overwhelming? Are there too many dates that just don’t stick? Or do you LOVE history and seeing how many pieces fit together? Have you dreamed of having a history timeline on your walls, but you just don’t have the space or the creativity for other options? Do you have an active child who learns much better on the move? All of these questions and more are a part of what has made “memory peg learning” a part of Tracy’s educational philosophy, one of her most valued concepts taken from her university studies touching on the neurological processes of learning and memory. There are many different ways this concept can be incorporated into your learning environment, but with a passion for history and a passion for Canada, Tracy will introduce you to practical ways you can build memory pegs into your learning, while providing a fun crash course in Canadian history. Tracy has been homeschooling for 21 years. She teaches a history program in her local support group's co-op.

June 2018

Date to be determined

Graduate Homeschool Moms Look Back

They will cover a variety of topics of interest to our members, including keeping little ones busy while homeschooling, homeschooling and part-time work, strategies during stressful times, etc.

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